UK Mailbox and Mail Forwarding

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UK Mailbox and Mail Forwarding

This service offers a confidential UK Mailbox for both business and personal mail. We receive your mail and it either goes into a secure mailbox for you to collect, or by mail forwarding.

Mail is posted to any address in the world, or held at the office for collection. We also accept small parcels and packages up to 30 kg.

Wakefield Mailbox
1 Month (GBP 35.00)
6 Months (GBP 125.00)
12 Months (GBP 185.00)

London Mailbox - click here to see ID requirements for London Mailbox (PDF)
6 Months (GBP 140.00)
12 Months (GBP 220.00)
- We do not accept Parcels at this office
- Passport/ID and utility bill are required for London Mailboxes



Frequently Asked Questions

Mail Forwarding

Q: Can you send mail just within the UK?

A: We can send mail across the world.

Q: Do you accept Parcels?

A: Yes, MailboxUK accepts parcels but only at the Wakefield Business Address. We do not accept parcels at the London Address or in the Residential Address.

Q: How frequently do you send mail?

A: We normally send mail out each Friday, but we can send mail out, daily, monthly or whatever the client requires.

Q: If I go away can you hold my mail?

A: Yes, just give us your instructions, we will hold your mail and send it to you when you want.

UK Mailbox

Q: Can private individuals have a UK Mailbox?

A: Yes, the UK Mailbox Service is available to individuals and companies.

Q: Can the address be used by my bank or for my driving license?

A: Yes.

Q: If I order the UK Mailbox Service, how long does it take before I can use it?

A: As soon as you have placed the order and payment is made, your UK Mailbox is available and you can start using our UK Address.

Q: Is it a genuine UK Residential Address?

A: Yes, the UK Residential Address can be checked out on Google Maps.

Q: Is it legal?

A: Yes, all you are doing is using the Address for receiving your Mail.

Q: Is my UK Address secure? How long have you been in business?

A: We commenced the UK Mailbox Service in 1992 and intend continuing for the foreseeable future.

Q: Where do you have UK Mailboxes?

A: We have two UK Addresses, London and Wakefield. We also have UK PO Boxes.

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